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Primary Services:
The clinic's founders realized that providing only primary care would not be enough so they devised a plan to provide four main programs. Those programs still exist today and include primary care, dental care, mental health counseling and affordable medications.
Additional Services:

Our patients also have access to an on-site medications dispensary, specialty clinics, and a network of more than 400 specialists who share our commitment to comprehensive health care. The InterFaith Network is a collection of more than 400 specialists who treat our patients in their offices according to InterFaith’s sliding fee scale.  This provides the specialists with access to the specialty equipment they need for diagnostic purposes or for treatment.  The majority of the specialists are medical, although the InterFaith Network includes some oral surgeons and orthodontists.  Each specialty area available in Knoxville is represented in our referral network, and all three area hospital systems also partner with us to provide all-inclusive care to our patients.


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