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InterFaith Health Clinic provides affordable and comprehensive health care to people who are working without health insurance.

Patient Interview: Elizabeth Abbas

Elizabeth Abbas has been coming InterFaith for so long she can't remember when she first became a patient. She does know that she's been relying on the clinic for at least 20 years though, and that her husband and three children have done the same. It all started when she had a growth on her hip and came to the clinic to be seen. She was approved, but was put on a waiting list for a few months. During that time, she went in for a routine visit to her obgyn, who told her she needed to see a surgeon immediately because of the growth. Elizabeth did just that, and was scheduled for surgery soon thereafter. She went in for what should have been a simple procedure, but after waking up, she realized it had gone terribly wrong. Instead of removing the growth on her hip, the doctor operated slightly below that on her thigh. 

Once back in the store that she and her husband owned and operated, she tearfully told him what had happened when an InterFaith nurse walked in. The nurse listened to the story and rushed back to the clinic to find a doctor before they all left for the day. Dr. Fecher was still there and came next door to look at it. That was the first of many appointments Mrs. Abbas had with Dr. Fecher over the next few months, treating her before she ever officially became a patient. He even started coming in an extra day every week just to treat her and see her to recovery.

Mrs. Abbas is as grateful for the generosity of those who saw her during her first appointments at InterFaith as she is for all those who have seen her and her family over the years as they've gone through typical aches, pains, and ailments. She is appreciative of all the care and kindness she has been shown over the years. And we're just as appreciative of her sharing the story of how InterFaith has impacted her life!

Hear it straight from her:


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